3 Simple Steps to Recruit Leaders on Social Media

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about how to recruit on social media is:

“How can I target leaders and get actual BUSINESS BUILDERS to join my company?”

We’ve all experienced the time wasters and people who aren’t going to do anything.  I mean NOTHING – not even look at your company/product let alone join it.

When I first came onto social media I was already committed to 40 hours a week of work and 20-30 hours a week of “parent care” (I take care of both my elderly parents in 2 states)  so time was a precious asset.

So precious, in fact, I had barely had 1 hour a day to build my business.

Time was a big factor for me so I wanted a solution that would extend my warm market, get me more leads AND was super efficient.

I went searching for mentorship and found some training about how to build a business using social media.

Plain and simple, that training gave me hope.

It proved to me that there were people building online businesses using social media…

So if they could do it, why couldn’t I?

After lots of trial and tribulation, I finally found a strategy that worked. Attraction Marketing Formula!

It not only worked, but worked to find business builders.  It taught me how to lead with content to bring value to my prospect and build relationships.  NOT go the for the jugular and ask for the sale. 

This training has been shared with people all over the world, literally thousands, and there have been hundreds of success stories and testimonials come out of it.

From people who are just getting started to people who have huge teams and want more duplication, Attraction Marketing has helped them succeed.

Today I want to share with you 3 simple steps from my system you can take to start attracting and recruiting leaders on your social media profiles…


Your profile/page on Facebook is like your “first impression” to someone you reach out to.

The first thing they’re going to do is check out who you are and see if you’re worth messaging back or working with.

You need to make sure you have things in order, or else you could repel some really high quality people.

Here are some tweaks that help with this:

  • Tell people everywhere you can what you help them DO

Many times I see in people’s intro’s or about sections that they have a website with no description, or their only explanation is about their website.

It has nothing to do with who they are or what they stand for and that’s where in lies the problem.

You should always tell people how you can help THEM.

That means in your content, your about sections and your banners.

You know what else makes a HUGE impact?

Get professional photos!

I would say this is worth investing a little money, however iPhone and Smart phones take amazing pictures.

As long as it’s not grainy or shows that you don’t take pride in your brand you should be okay.

Many, network marketers especially, tend to overlook this step and think it’s just “not that important.”

Think about it, when you see someone with professional photos and a great looking page, don’t you automatically place a higher level of credibility onto that person?

Rather than someone who just posted a picture of them partying two days ago as their main pic.

It’s an easy fix that most take for granted.


If you do this simple exercise you could instantly find people that will build a great business for you:

  • Think about the leadership in your company.. picture your favorite upline/leader
  • What type of person are they? What is their previous profession? What characteristics to they posses?
  • Where would this person hang out online?
  • What type of fan pages would they like? What groups would they be a part of?
  • What celebrities/magazines would they be drawn to?

The answers to these questions play a huge role in where you’ll find your leaders for your own business.

Social media is a smorgasbord (like that word? hehe) of great prospects, you just need to know where to go to find them and what characteristics to look for.

After you figure out the answers to those questions, go searching on a couple of pages/groups that those people would hang out in, and start messaging.

DISCLAIMER – Don’t randomly message everyone, message people with that particular characteristic that stood out to you based on their contribution to the group/page!

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and headache if you pick the RIGHT types of people vs. the wrong ones.


When I say “reach out with purpose” I mean establish a connection with these people and lead them where you want them to go (a.k.a asking about your business/product).

If you set up the conversation properly in the beginning, then you won’t have to worry about getting to the close later, it’ll seem natural and non-salesy.

Here is a great first message formula that can help you initiate the conversation:


Follow this and you’ll see a higher response rate than you ever have before, I promise you.

From here you can lead them into the close with some simple questions like:

  • What do you do for work?
  • How long have you been doing that for?
  • You must love it huh? OR Have you ever considered doing anything else?

You’re looking for a pain point or some opportunity to share your product/opportunity with them.  You have to lead with the benefits, NOT the product.

No one cares about the product until they know how it will benefit THEM.

If that never comes up, then that’s when you run into sounding “spammy” and unnatural.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips!

For more Attraction Marketing Formula Training and Success Tips, CLICK HERE.

To Your Success!

Cecelia Morris
CEO at Taking Charge Inc.

PS – If you enjoyed what I’ve just shared with you or you got value from it. Please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.


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