3 Steps to Become a Super Affiliate

Want to instantly become more attractive?


Just slap on a pair of sunglasses.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, studies show that people universally look better in sunglasses.

But why is this?

Why are we naturally drawn to people wearing shades?

Well, for one reason…

We’re intrigued by the element of mystery

When something is deliberately hidden, we immediately want to know more about it.

It’s our ancestral desire to eat that “forbidden fruit.”

However, there’s a deeper, more primal reason…

Shades add SYMMETRY to a person’s face.

Studies have shown that symmetry is one of the key elements our brain unconsciously searches for when screening possible mates.

Our most basic instincts tell us that when someone has a more symmetrical face, they are healthier and therefore a better candidate for a mate.

Of course, we’ve evolved into a species that searches for more than just good genes when looking for a life partner…

We also want someone who shares our interests; someone who makes us laugh; someone who has a deep appreciation of modern art; or simply a special someone who enjoys smooth jazz as much as you do (…or maybe that’s just me).

Still, there’s no denying the physiological attraction we feel towards mysterious, symmetrically-faced individuals.

This is the kind of attraction you should aim to achieve with your business

It’s that same primal, mysterious attraction that leads to success.

So whether you’re pursuing network marketing, direct selling, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, etc…

Attraction MUST happen for your business to grow.

Think about someone whose team you’ve wanted to join…

Is there anyone who, if they called you up, you’d immediately join them in…whatever?

If Tim Erway or Ferny Ceballos personally called you with a new opportunity, wouldn’t you immediately think, “Yes, let’s do it!”

I know I would, a.) because I trust them, and also b.) because of something else—a special quality leaders naturally exhibit without any conscious effort.

Today I’m going to talk about how to create that kind of magnetic reputation and attraction.

How to become a “Super Affiliate”

A Super Affiliate is someone who makes sales with ease, regardless of what opportunity they might be promoting.

And there are essentially 3 steps to join the ranks of the Super Affiliates.

So, if you want to become like Kate and Andrew McShea, Michelle and Bill Pescosolido, Ray and Jessica Higdon, Julie Burke, Tyson Zahner, or Misha Wilson (just to name a few of our top affiliates)…

Then the first step is to…

Mike Dillard once stated the following about how he achieved success…

Increasing my value to the world by acquiring knowledge and skills that others wanted, but were unwilling to acquire.”

Now, as you probably know, Mike is considered the grandfather of attraction marketing by many, so he speaks from experience.

And Mike is essentially saying that the way to becoming sought-after is through acquiring a marketable skill that people recognize as valuable, but are not willing to invest the time or money to learn for themselves.

We’re talking about expertise.

Now, think about the people you look up to.

Haven’t they acquired a number of skills, which you haven’t (yet)?

Now, this doesn’t mean you’re unwilling, it just means the folks you look up to are further along in education and implementation, which makes them more valuable in the marketplace, and thus possessing higher value.

Make sense?

The higher your value, the more attractive you become.

And the more attractive you become, the more ready-to-join people will approach you.

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.”
—Dennis Waitley

So, if you want to be a Super Affiliate…

You’ve got to acquire SKILLS!

That’s what makes you attractive.

So embrace the challenge.

Because when you have knowledge that others don’t, magic happens!

People will flock to you.

You instantaneously become more attractive!

It’s effortless.

Now let me clear about that last part…

This process of becoming attractive is NOT instantaneous.

It takes time to master the skills.

But when you do, people will instantaneously be attracted to you.

“Adapt to your customer’s needs. They expect it.”
—Scott Abel, Content Strategist

So, pick something, and get really proficient at it.

Simple as that.

Now, step two…

Have you ever been reading a blog post that included product recommendations with links to buy?

And maybe you’ve clicked a link that takes you to, say, Amazon.com…

But then you see it’s an affiliate link, and suddenly you feel a little deceived?

Like the reviewer had ulterior motives and wasn’t being honest?

You think to yourself, “this person didn’t EARN my referral, they tricked me.”

Ever experienced this scenario?

We’ve probably all been there at some point, though it is less common these days as affiliates are now required to prominently disclose their financial incentives.

In contrast, how do Super Affiliates have people practically lining up, ready to buy, and asking for their link?

How do they effortlessly ask for the sale without being deceptive or awkward?

Here’s the key to earning trust and referrals…

Offer a bonus!

“Sales is not about selling anymore but building trust and educating.”
—Siva Devaki, CEO & Founder of Mansa Systems

If you incentivize a recommendation with additional value, people will WANT to buy from you.

This is what Super Affiliates do…

Super Affiliates personalize your purchase

They make you want to buy specifically from them, so you don’t miss out on their exclusive bonus.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be complicated.

Going back to the previous point on value…

If you have specialized knowledge, and you’re willing to provide some of that knowledge as a bonus, of course people will WANT to buy specifically from your affiliate link.

This works tremendously when you’re on the phone too.

Say you’re talking to a prospect and you’re likely suggesting your product or service as the solution to their problems.

For instance, maybe you’re positioning Elite Marketing Pro as the solution to their need to generate more leads for their business.

That’s great!

But you need to take things a step further.

You need to build up your value so people want to buy from YOU

Don’t leave your prospect thinking, “Okay, you’ve sold me on the value of xyz, but you didn’t sell me on buying from or joining you.”

You must give people a reason to purchase from you.

And your bonus is that reason!

Work your unique bonus into the conversation and let them know what YOU’RE offering the people who purchase from you or join your team.

Whether it’s a special training you’ve put together, access to your private Facebook community, or a handout outlining your preferred marketing tools, your bonus is what makes people want to buy from you.

It’s a low-resistance way to go for the close.

And it’s great for your prospects too, because you’ll be short-cutting their learning curve by sharing the knowledge you’ve acquired.

And now, let’s move on to our third and final step…

When you’re one of the first to implement a new tactic or strategy, you get what’s called the “first mover advantage.”

This is where the REAL money is, because there’s little to no competition, and it’s how Super Affiliates create breakout success.

So how do you figure out what that “new thing” is?

First of all, DON’T WAIT for training!

“You can’t learn in school what the world is going to do next year.”
—Henry Ford

Don’t wait to be told what to do and which buttons to push, every step of the way.

Entrepreneurs are not employees!

We don’t wait for instructions.

We don’t have a job description.

And we certainly don’t raise our hands before speaking or ask permission to be disruptive.

Entrepreneurs are pioneers.

We innovate.

And we break rules and traditions to come up with new things.

For example, last year, our very own Chef Katrina began leveraging paid traffic on Pintrest, a popular, but under-leveraged social network.

She created an eye-catching image, put a call to action on it, and started driving traffic (…and making money).

It’s something ANYONE could have done before her, but they didn’t.

Chef did it first.

She didn’t wait for training; she CREATED the training.

That’s how innovation takes place.

In the words of our Ferny Ceballos, our CMO here at Elite Marketing Pro…

“If you only do what I tell you, you will not succeed.”

Going above and beyond is the secret sauce!

So don’t be afraid to try new things—it’s one of your main opportunities.

Your next step towards becoming a Super Affiliate

So now we’ve discussed the 3 steps of becoming a Super Affiliate.

And you know how to create the kind of reputation that will make people instinctively seek you out and want to join you.

Pretty neat, right?

Yet this isn’t an overnight process, it’s true.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do immediately to add more value to your sales process.

You can employ these exact value-based principles, no matter your experience level, to…

Magnetically compel people to join your list

If you want more responsive leads, then you absolutely need to create a unique, irresistible bribe.

This is what’s known as a “lead magnet.”

Now, you’ve probably seen plenty of these before.

Every respectable blog, in every conceivable industry, prominently advertises a freebie for joining their mailing list (as they should).

We recommend doing things a little differently, though.

See, everyone else gives away their lead magnets away for free.

And that’s cool.

It builds your list, after all.

But what if you could turn your lead magnet into a front-end profit generator?

It would certainly help you recover your advertising costs, right?

Remember how when something is deliberately hidden, we want to know more about it?

Just like a pair of Ray-Bans, you’ll be surprised how well this works.

In fact, using our process, we’re able to generate over 400 leads every single day…at an immediate profit.

The good news is that we’re happy to show you how, for free.

Tim Erway (CEO of Elite Marketing Pro), put together an exclusive free report that reveals how to create lead magnets that effortlessly convert your audience into ready-to-buy leads.

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So what’re you waiting for?

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Until next time,

Cecelia Morris
CEO at Taking Charge Inc.