4 Reasons Why You MUST Recognize Your Team’s Achievements

Do you know when National Employee Appreciation Day is? Here’s an even better question: Does it even matter?

As an entrepreneur we don’t have a day where we are “told” to recognize our team mates, customers, distributors, or affiliates.  So what do you do?…

The truth is, team mate recognition knows no calendar — it’s an important part of our business culture all year long . Here are for reasons why it’s so important to recognize those that help us grow and build our businesses.

1.  Recognized People Are Happy People

Not everybody takes their work home with them, as the old saying goes. But when you work from home you need to recognize some of the feelings that come out in the wash while we’re out in the world prospecting, recruiting, and meeting with clients. Let’s put it this way: Good vibes in our entrepreneurial work world translate into a happier and more peaceful home life.

When you show your team and customers that you see and appreciate their efforts — and take the time to demonstrate how much of an impact they’re having on your business and your corner of the world — they feel good about what they do and they share those feelings with their team.

It should come as no surprise that people want to be treated like human beings. Feeling recognized and appreciated is a basic human need. People naturally want to be respected by their leaders and colleagues, they want to feel valued, and they want to know that they’re making a significant contribution to their company.

And when you do recognize you team and your customers, be specific. Don’t just say “thanks for all you do.” Explain what you appreciate about them.

2.  Appreciative Leaders Are Appreciated Leaders

One could write a thousands of articles about why trust is critical and it still wouldn’t be enough. So let’s say it again: Trusting one another is one of the most valuable commodities we possess.

You might think a proverbial leap of faith is what’s required to build trust — that pesky trust must start somewhere paradigm we’re all familiar with. Put yourself out on a limb, trust your team and see if that trust is rewarded. Right?

Well — sort of. You don’t have to just fire and forget where trust is concerned — sometimes all you have to do is build a solid foundation for it to thrive. In our case today, that foundation is appreciation.

Yes! You’d be surprised by the degree to which simply thanking someone fosters an atmosphere of trust. When people know their efforts contribute to a cause and are noticed by people higher up the food chain, they feel a deeper connection to leadership.

3.  Appreciation stimulates greater trust toward company leaders.

Having trust in your upline and leadership is a critical element of how teams build and grow. This can be a difficult relationship to create, however, particularly in the entrepreneurial space where your customers and team mates are virtually all over the globe.  ,Making face-to-face interaction with your team and your customers is difficultto come by. The best way for managers to build trust is to show people that you care about their contributions and their needs.

4.  When Employees Feel Recognized, They Stick Around

For my fourth and final defense of why recognition is importnt, let’s consider the costs of training a brand-new team mate to the point where they can work as confidently and as efficiently as a team mate that left you after 6-12 months.
Have you heard the saying, “It costs you more to start over with a new recruit that it does to nurture the ones you have?”

According to Network Artistry, “You have no idea how many people stay in network marketing for the recognition. It’s a need that many people don’t even know they have…until it’s met.  Because they’ve never had it before, it becomes addicting and inspires them to want to do so much more to continue to gain more recognition. For the reason that it feels so good, they don’t want to give it up. It would be too much of a loss.”

Commit to Recognition Year-Round

Even today, most team member recognition is held at events and not as individually celebrated, as it should be. Plenty of leaders choose not to make it a priority, either because they’re too busy themselves or because they simply don’t understand why it’s so vital to a thriving home business.

For the record, National Employee Appreciation Day falls on March 4 each year, but entrepreneurial team member and customer recognition should happen a lot more frequently.  Now that you know how easy it can be to emphasize recognition — as well as why it’s so important — you can make every day a time for appreciation.

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