5 Reasons Why People Don’t Invest In Training Themselves For Business…

Do you ever wonder WHY people have no problem going to college or technical school and racking up tons of debt in student loans but when it comes to investing in training to learn how to work for themselves they are full of excuses?

Well wonder no more because I am sharing 5 Reasons with you that I learned from Eric Worre.  Once  you learn these excuses you can then know how to address these issues to get people to understand the importance of training themselves and how it can have a BIG Payoff BIG Time!!!

1.  I haven’t made enough money from my Network Marketing business to invest in more training. 

This is a common mistake among beginners in Network Marketing. If you believe that your company or your upline is going to provide you with all the training and strategies you need to become ultra-successful, then you are mistaken. This is an opportunity to access the very best in social media. This type of group has never been assembled before.

2.  I don’t want to lose money on social media advertising. 

This one is easy to prevent. Just a little research and you can tell where the masses go for training. Look at a given Facebook page. Look at their website. How many followers do they have? Are they an industry leader? Are they well respected? Answer these simple questions and you will know who is a social media expert. Follow them, follow their teachings and you will be be off to a good start

3.  I don’t understand computers or the internet. 

Take it from me, there is a learning curve with everything. When I first began my career 30 years ago the internet, Facebook, and Instagram did not exist. But now is the time to get caught up with the trend. When else will you have access to the best coaches in the world?

4.  I’d rather use my money to buy stuff. 

Everyone likes to buy stuff. But, would you like a Honda Accord or a Mercedes Benz? Do you want a trailer or a mansion? Do you want a new outfit or a new wardrobe? The choice is yours. You can buy stuff now or invest in yourself and get GREAT stuff later.

5.  My business is on fire right now, I don’t need social media training. 

You know what the worst part about winning streaks is? They eventually end. There is only one way to ensure that you make it back on top after your winning streak. CONTINUED EDUCATION is required if you are a 6,7, or 8 figure earner then to keep it that way and sharpen your social media strategy.

I have learned how to use these excuses to my advantage and if you want to learn this skill too then try my FREE 10-Day Training by entering your email below.

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Cecelia wanted to Take Charge of her own destiny so she incorporated herself as a business in 2003.  She knew that network marketing was the right business for her because it offered low startup costs, played to her strengths; and it is portable and highly profitable if done right. With each company she tried she always struggled with business building – finding leads/prospects and creating the automation her upline talked about.  That’s when in 2008 after getting laid off from her job she put her Masters Degree in Marketing and Information Systems to work. Through her search efforts she found a company that taught her how to leverage the Internet and the power of Social Media to consistently build an endless list of qualified leads and prospects that are interested in what she has to say and what she has to offer. She learned how to make people come to her using the Attraction Marketing Formula.  Now a home business owner Cecelia’s mission is to empower her customers, clients, members, partners and friends with the opportunity to Take Charge of their own lives and create their own financial futures.