Attraction Marketing! The Success Formula…

WARNING! I’m all about keeping it real and saying it “just how it is” So what you are about to read might just go against EVERYTHING you’ve been told and taught by your up-line… 

But like I’ve shared in my previous blog posts, it’s my mission & purpose to share what I’m  learning with people who connect with what I’m saying so they can be successful too. So here goes…

When I first started out in MLM many years ago, I first joined a company selling legal products then I switched to a company selling health and beauty products. Each time I was new but I was willing to work hard, be coachable and follow everything my up-line was telling me.

So I listened to everything and did exactly as instructed.

“Do a party at home and invite at least 20 people because only 10 will show up, approach everyone within 3 feet of you and repeat…”

  • Make a list of 100 people
  • Go to the memory jogger and create another list of 100 people
  • Start to contact EVERY SINGLE PERSON on your list
  • Invite them to listen to your opportunity
  • Follow up even when they ignore you
  • Start coffee morning events and go and meet complete and utter strangers – invite them to watch your opportunity
  • Join mother and toddler groups – invite them to watch your opportunity
  • Hand out business cards – leave them EVERY WHERE even in toilet cubicles and ALWAYS leave them on the tip tray when tipping a waiter!

(That last one worked a little too well… I had a bartender call me once but it wasn’t about business.  He was interested in me.  That totally freaked me out and I changed my number which meant I had to buy new business cards!!!) 

Does any of this sound familiar?  How do you feel when going through the motions?


When I look back now, I think of all my hard work for little reward. But I wanted my business to work I’m not shy of hard work and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy…. so I kept going.  I kept chugging along…

I wasn’t really enjoying myself but my Mercedes driving up-line was encouraging me to keep it up and eventually it would pay off like it had for them.  I didn’t know any better, at the time I was in Ohio and they were in Michigan.  They lived in the big house driving fancy cars and I lived in a ghetto apartment driving a Geo Prism (do you remember that car?)… 

So who was I to argue with them? 

These tactics just didn’t sit right with ME.  Do you want to know why? Because most of the time it left me feeling like I had joined the NFL group – NO FRIENDS LEFT.

I would reach out to people on Facebook, people I hadn’t spoken to in ages and strike up a conversation in the hope they would ask me what I was up to… so I could invite them to look at an opportunity video.

It wasn’t long before I realized some friends no longer asked me how my business was going in case I launched into a pitch. I noticed that friends stopped telling me what a shit their boss was for fear of me yet again saying “there is another way” and inviting them to a fake party or opportunity meeting!

It was just a horrible feeling of thinking that people couldn’t speak to me or had to avoid me in fear of me trying to pitch them.

Can you relate? 

Don’t get me wrong I signed people up, I even grew a successful team, but it was hard work and there was one problem, most of my down-line either left or quit. They found it hard to recruit or approach people and probably for many of the same reasons we’ve talked about above.

Here’s what I learned;

  • I couldn’t stand being avoided by people.
  • I had run out of people to pitch
  • I was EXHAUSTED having to constantly chase my next recruit

I just knew there had to be a better way…  but what?

Then one evening while being a Facebook stalker – looking a the pages of random people searching for anyone to talk to about my business – I found the holy grail and it was called Attraction Marketing.


I plugged in and I took action.

Suddenly, I no longer had that horrible feeling of being avoided because I actually had people coming to me!

In fact most of my friends have no idea what I do these days… I don’t need to spam it all over Facebook or drop it into every conversation.

I have taken back control of my business and found that people are messaging me asking me what it is I am doing. I am no longer doing the chasing.

The sheer relief and feeling of freedom I now have. It is liberating!! No more getting rejected or people avoiding me over and over again!

And all because I lucked up on a Facebook ad.

The ad talked about how to attract people to join your Network Marketing company, how to get people to come you instead of you having to chase them with this of one simple strategy called Attraction Marketing.

The ad was talking about a guy who had recruited over 1000 people in one month, into his MLM, using this simple on-line strategy, Attraction Marketing. He made some grand claims, that if you followed his simple strategy formula for success you would never look back.

Initially I thought… “Really, another ‘internet guru’ with a magic bullet?!”  But I was willing to take a look, I knew what I was doing was taking me nowhere fast and my up-line wasn’t giving my any real solutions to the problems I was having.

I also knew that I was at the end of my rope, the old school recruiting methods weren’t working, and the internet was the way forward.  I just didn’t know how to do it.

So I decided to just go for it, what did I have to loose? I jumped in with both feet and got myself a copy of an E-book called the Attraction Marketing Formula which included a coaching program and 3 calls with a qualified coach.

I think I paid $27 AND it came with a FREE 10-day bootcamp!  At that time, for that amount of money I was ALL IN! 

By now I was “over it” with my up-line and the company (#2 for the record) but I had not given up on Network Marketing.  I knew it was the business model for me I just needed someone to show me a way to make it work.

After discovering Attraction Marketing I came to the realization that most people are building and teaching the “old school way” because its all they know! Don’t get me wrong, some people have major success with these old school methods of recruiting. But they don’t work for everyone.  And they didn’t work for ME.  I only had to look at my shrinking banking for proof of that.

Shouldn’t we as leaders be teaching our new team members all methods of lead and prospect generation? 

Bottom line.. there is no need for me to continue with old school recruiting methods anymore. I have leveraged automated systems that do all the heavy lifting for me. I learned to ‘ Work Smarter, Not Harder.’ 

Attraction Marketing has literally changed everything for me!

If you’ve read this far I’m thinking it’s because you’ve connected with everything, or at least something, I’ve just said. This is most definitely a concept I want you to learn more about.

If you are looking for a way to change everything in your business then I encourage you to take a good look at this.

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  • How To Get Leads & Prospects to Call YOU About Your Business.

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Wishing you the best,

Cecelia Morris

CEO of Taking Charge Inc.

P.S.,  The Attraction Marketing ebook is how I got my start branding myself and my business online and I can show you how it can help you too!

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