Check On Me™

Congratulations! You’ve managed to slip and hit your head on the toilet seat. What a way to go. World spinning, you hear the panicked whining of your dog behind the door. There’s no one there to comfort her and no one you can call for help.

So you do what you do best, you grit your teeth and tough it out because you are independent. You can handle this. Where was that first aid kit again?

While the world settles and you start to patch your wounds and ego, questions about your mortality and safety creep to the front of your mind. What if you hadn’t been able to get up? When would friends start looking for you? How long until your scheduled posts and social media campaigns end and people finally notice your silence?

You could be a freelancer, a remote employee, or a college student. You’re alone but not lonely.

Living on your own is not restricted to age or specific demographic but the bottom line is that if you get hurt or something keeps you from getting to the phone, you’re on your own.

What exists to help people like YOU?

Questions like these prompted Cecelia Morris to create the mobile app, “Check On Me™.” Check On Me™ is a daily use mobile app designed for independent people who lead independent lives.

What IS Check on Me™

Check On Me™ keeps its users safe by giving them a gentle way to nudge loved ones into checking on them. The app is discreet and only messages specific friends and family after 32 hours of app inactivity. If you’re living by yourself and need emergency services, it can alert them too. The alerts’ flexibility gives users different degrees of control over their safety.



Check On Me™ is your private safety net, a personal ‘in case of emergency break glass.’

This isn’t just an app you set and forget. There’s a reason to open it every day; a quote, an inspirational message, a morning pick-me-up. Something to help you start the day strong.


Free apps exist but don’t carry the same value as Check on Me™. Paid apps exist but don’t provide the same interaction, discretion, or timeliness.


For as little as $59.99 /year, Check On Me™ protects you from the scenario of no one knowing you’ve been injured, hospitalized, or worse until it’s too late.

For less than the price of a fancy coffee, people who live by themselves, remote workers, college students, and aging populations are empowered to live safer when on their own.

How to Get It

Check On Me™ is an emerging solution with an exclusive waitlist found here and includes a contest with a lifetime subscription to the app. The contest closes on August 29th. Contest winners will be announced on September 5th when the app becomes available to the general public. If you or someone you know wants to lead an independent lifestyle without fear of burdening loved ones, Check On Me™ is your solution.

Take charge of your safety, and access the exclusive waitlist for Check On Me™ here.

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Written by Athalia Norman who is a freelance writer for hire with a hybrid background in telecom, anthropology, and retail. She is a word magician and will share your story in a way that transforms viewers into customers. When she isn’t researching the latest in biotech, you can find her on LinkedIn or Twitter @AthaliaNorman