Confessions of a 7-Figure Online Network Marketer

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I want to start out assuming you have NO idea who I am (although you may).

So here’s my story…

I am someone that left a high paying corporate job 11 years ago, as I didn’t like where my career was heading, and I was tired of spending more time with pictures of my kids than the real thing.

I jumped into the red hot Florida real estate market and did well, thought I was a genius until the market changed and I lost it all…

…thereby realizing I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was (clearly I am no rocket scientist like my buddy Ferny ☺ ).

When I lost it all…


And I mean, IT ALL, I re-found Network Marketing and decided to take it seriously this time.

I had half-heartedly attempted to grow a network marketing business in quite a few different companies but had never had anything that lasted.

Something was different this time though, as I was dead broke and in personal foreclosure and really had no other options.

Looking back I am very grateful that was the situation I was in.

As it forced me to produce.

Unfortunately being dead broke and in foreclosure does NOT guarantee you will throw your all at something, but it did for me.

How I became the #1 earner in my company…


When I started on July 15th, 2009, I made a pact with myself that I was going to give it my all, not pull any punches, and make it happen.

Despite my mind SCREAMING every single time I did it, I called ALL of my warm market and enjoyed most of them mocking me, asking me if I had lost my mind.

One even asked, “how long are you going to be with this one?”

Nice right?

Sometimes the recipe for success is NOT an abundance of support =).

So, I did all the traditional things: home meetings, hotel meetings, restaurant meetings, calling realtors from their signs on the highway, buying leads, pulling business cards off corkboards at coffee shops and at the car wash around the corner from my house, and I prospected them.

I honestly didn’t care…

Sort of.

I didn’t care if they said “yes” or “no,” as I had set a “No Goal” to get 20 nos per day and before my head hit the pillow.

And I damn well got my 20 No’s, but there was something nagging at me every single day…

Surely there was a better way…


I had heard about the concept of attraction marketing, but had not perfected it, or really understood how to really use it online.

I honestly hated reaching out to strangers or cold calling people that kept asking me, “who is this again?”

And I decided that I wanted to figure out a way to get people reaching out to me.

Now, fast forward a few years…

Using attraction marketing I was able to become the #1 earner in that company, earning over a million dollars in commissions.

But that wasn’t it.

During the same span of time I also earned over a million dollars in affiliate marketing commissions.

Then just a short time later I earned over a million dollars in selling coaching.

And then in August of 2015 I had my very first million dollar weekend where we held an event and sold our mastermind program to the tune of $1.1 million in revenue in a 3-day time span.

Using attraction marketing is what helped our coaching and training business get listed on the Inc. 5000 list this year.

For those that may not know, the Inc. 5000 is a list of the fastest growing companies in America.

And ours was listed as #754, with a growth rate of 529% since our first million dollar year in 2013.

How does this apply to you?

There’s hope.

IF you have struggled in other companies or opportunities, and you are struggling financially right now, you CAN, just like I did, turn your life around and create something amazing.

Here are some tips…


First, do what you can right now.

If you have NO idea how to implement attraction marketing to grow your network marketing business, then do what you CAN do (like I did) and prospect people.

You can prospect online or offline, cold market or warm market.

At the same time START studying the Attraction Marketing ebook.


Second, embrace the fact that anything worthwhile does NOT come quickly.

It took me awhile to get my lead generating going and while that was coming along I STILL was prospecting.

In July of this year we generated over 22,000 leads.

That is more people than I could EVER prospect in a month.


Third, don’t focus on how far you have to go but instead focus on progress everyday.

There are ALWAYS things to learn, and if you focus on how far away you are from knowing everything, it is VERY easy to get down on yourself.

I constantly surrounded myself (still do) with smarter people, and they rubbed off on me and helped me learn what we know today.

Be willing to invest in yourself via courses, books, seminars, etc., and you are on your way!

Hope these tips help you on your journey.

And if you want MORE help, get a copy of the Attraction Marketing ebook.  It’s the exact tool I used to get more training and benefits like what you just read.

Anyone can get to anywhere they want to do from wherever they are, IF they stay focused on progress and what they actually want in life.

We wish you massive success and abundance!

Cecelia Morris

CEO at Taking Charge Inc.



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