How To Get A Bump In Sales With Video (Before You Even Hit Record)

Could you use an extra bump in sales for your business?

One of the best ways to pre-condition your prospects to buy what you have to sell is through video marketing.  These video marketing tips I share with you inside of this post will help you learn how to create high impact videos that sell…

…before you even hit record.

5 Simple Steps To Profit With Video

Unfortunately there’s a lot of mixed messages out there with what video marketing tips are the most effective for shooting videos that actually get you a profit for your business.  With an estimated 300 hours of new video footage being uploaded every minute to YouTube  (that doesn’t even include videos on Facebook, Instagram, Vine or Snapchat), how do you separate yourself from the rest of the pack?

It boils down to these 5 Steps:

  • The Big Idea
  • The Message
  • The Shoot
  • The Edit
  • The Delivery


The one step that gets overlooked more than any other step is…

…uncovering the Big Idea.

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4 Essential Questions To Ask To Uncover Your Big Idea

Uncovering your big idea is one step that most marketers and business owners won’t do before they market their products and services.  Not everyone out there in the world is a fit for your product so the more you can uncover “who” is the perfect fit…

… the easier it becomes to shoot videos that speak perfectly to your ideal prospect.

Asking these 4 essential questions before you even think about shooting a video will eliminate that “deer caught in the headlights” feeling when you step in front of the camera to shoot your videos.

After you’ve answered these 4 essential questions, you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable.

I encourage you to grab a pad and pen or take notes on your computer as you read through this post.

The 4 Essential Questions to ask yourself in order to uncover your big idea that will guide you to shooting videos that easily sell your stuff are:

  • Who Is My Ideal Customer? When you identify your target market it makes all elements of your marketing then feel effortless.  If you don’t know who your target market is then there’s a good chance you’re spending some hard earned cash marketing to an audience that’s not a fit for your message.   Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to uncover your target market and your big idea for your marketing.
  • What are my ideal customers already buying? Chances are your product or service isn’t a brand new concept no one has ever marketed before.  Start researching and making a list of other products and services your ideal customer is already buying so you can make sure your offer is a similar match.  Research things like:
    • Books they’re buying
    • Training courses
    • Coaching programs they’ve gone through
    • Events they’ve attended
  • What are their pains and struggles? What are the opposite of their pains and struggles?  If you can answer these two questions you’ll be able to shoot videos and market your offers that make your prospect feel like you’re speaking their language.  It creates an instant bond which makes it that much easier for a prospect to buy on demand without you begging and pleading.  Here’s are some examples in the niche I market to (people starting up a home business)
    • Pains and struggles:
      • In debt
      • Work long hours
      • Struggle to pay their bills
      • Working too many hours to spend time with their kids
      • Working just to pay for their kids daycare
    • Opposite of Pains and Struggles (what they desire):
      • Time freedom
      • Stay at home with kids
      • Get out of debt
      • Buy their first house
      • Earn an extra income from home to fire their boss
  • Who or What are they already following on social media? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing your business through videos and social media. Utilize already established social media presences to identify the best style of message to share with your ideal prospects and customers.  Make a list of fan pages, Instagram accounts, YouTube Channels, Twitter Accounts of the top:
    • Brands
    • Companies
    • Public Figures
    • TV Shows
    • Products

See what they’re promoting, how they’re marketing and what they’re saying to their followers so you can enter in on the conversation with your marketing without reinventing the wheel.

Businessman holding sand glass on palm. Sand running. Grey background. Concept of time.

Seem Time Consuming? 

Sure in the beginning this may feel time consuming, which is why most business don’t take this first step to uncover their big idea.  However, if you look at the top thriving businesses in your space, you’ll notice that they know their ideal prospect and speak specifically to them.

The easiest way to create high impact videos that sell on demand for you so you can create an automated business revolved around your lifestyle…

…starts with taking action on this first step before you even hit record.

Not only will your videos improve, but you’ll also see a bump in your marketing and a boost in your sales in general.

Most won’t take the minimal amount of time to complete this step.  Will you?

See you on your video!

Cecelia Morris

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