How to Get Your Leads To Take Action In 7 Seconds Or Less

Can your videos hook a goldfish?

Or more important…

Can your videos hook a human into clicking, entering in their info and buying your stuff in 7 seconds or less?

Let me explain a little bit about what’s up and why this is important for you.

On January 22, 2017…

The stats came out from that the attention span of a goldfish is…

…9 seconds…

While a human being’s attention span has decreased from 12 seconds back in 2000…

…to only 8 seconds.

Pretty sad right?

We literally lose our attention faster than a goldfish can keep their focus.

Here’s why this matters to you and your business…

Think about this 8 second stat when it comes to YOU marketing online.

If you don’t do something that interrupts and gains the attention of your viewer within 8 seconds or less…

You’re a gonner.

They’re already swimming around

watching someone elses’ video thats got their attention for the next 8 seconds or so.

So knowing that you only have 8 seconds to hook in your viewer to take action…

What do you do?

Well it’s not about making your videos full of hype…

Or adding in more salesy lingo…

Or even how fast you talk…

And it’s definitely not about just hitting record and speaking from the heart (as so many other marketers might tell you to do)…

It’s really only about 4 little tweaks you can make to the first 7 seconds of your video…

That’ll grab your viewers attention…

Hook them in…

And give them no choice but to stay tuned into your message, until they find themselves entering their information on your order form…

…and buying your stuff.

It’s just 4 simple tweaks and I’ll walk you through how I use what I like to call the “7 Second Hook Formula” for my top producing traffic videos.

Your First Seven Seconds Matter

Think about it like a first date. First impressions are important. If you’ve got parsley in your teeth and straight up propose within the first 7 seconds of your first date, do you think they’ll marry you right on the spot? Of course not!

The same thing goes for your introduction in your traffic videos. You can’t be too salesy, hypey or jump right into the pitch…

But you can create curiosity, urgency and get people to take action with these 4 tweaks to the beginning of your traffic videos. Your intention with traffic videos is to get the click so they end up over on your website or offer page, but you need to do it in a very specific way so you don’t offend people.

Tweak #1: The Interrupt

In marketing videos, people aren’t thinking about you… they’re thinking about what’s in it for them. As human beings we think of ourselves first and how anything we buy can benefit us and what we care about. So instead of making your first 5-7 seconds spent introducing you…

Use the first few seconds of your video to focus on them with an interrupt. Something that’ll break their focus from whatever they were just doing and get their attention focused in on YOU.

Here’s one of the easiest ways to interrupt your viewer:

Ask a Question that creates curiosity, fear or a benefit (some examples are)

Are you secretly sabotaging your business without even realizing it? Watch to see…

Are you eating any of these 3 foods that virtually guarantee you’ll struggle with losing weight?

Need more high quality leads for your business?

Not getting leads or sales from your marketing videos? Then you’re missing something from this formula…

If you’re targeting the right audience with your traffic videos then your interrupt will give them no choice but to continue to watch the rest of your video, click your link and find out more info from you. If you have no idea who your audience should be, check out this post right here about how to find the perfect ideal customer for your offers.

Tweak #2: The Introduction

Most make this step longer than it needs to be so lets keep it simple. Especially in a 7 Second Hook you want to keep your introduction to one of these two options:

#1 – State your name and where you’re coming from

“Hey I’m Kate McShea coming to you from _______ (whatever city and state you live in)”

#2 – State your name and build quick authority

“Hey I’m Kate McShea and I’m (speaker, author, coach, trainer, top earner in the ________ (whatever niche you’re in))

Keep this introduction short especially with this style of video, remember, you want to keep the focus on your viewer.

Tweak #3: The Call to Action

Especially with traffic producing videos, this is where most people get it all wrong. Most people leave their Call To Action (telling your viewer what to do next) until the end of the video. In a 7 Second Hook video, you want your Call To Action to be within the first 7 seconds if you can. This gives your impulsive action takers a chance to take action faster.

Some examples of a call to action are:

Click the link that’s in this post to head over to my blog to hear about _______.

Watch the next 30 seconds of this video to find out _________.

Click the link that’s in this post and register for my training.

Click the link in this post to find out _______________.

Your call to action doesn’t have to be long, but it does need to be strong, commanding and descriptive so your viewer knows what to do next. Adding in a call to action within the first 7 seconds of your traffic videos should give you an extra bump in traffic if you do it right.

Tweak #4: The Expectation

Remember, people watch your videos to figure out what’s in it for them. So the faster you can create curiosity, a benefit or a fear that’ll make your viewer want to watch your whole video through… the better.

That’s why the last step of the 7 Second Hook Formula is the expectation. This step only needs to be a few seconds but it allows you to instantly build a relationship with your viewer. You’re essentially giving them a heads up on what they’ll see next so they’re less skeptical.

Here are some examples of how to set clear expectations in your video:

“In the next 3 minutes I’ll share with you how to lose 10 lbs in 7 days by eliminating 3 foods you may not even realize are making you actually gain weight”

“You’ll get my 4 best closing tips to help you close the sale faster”

“You’ll learn about the 3 personalities of people you want to avoid working with and which one style of person you want to bring in as customers and teammates to help accelerate your business fast”

When people know what they’re going to see, hear or learn next, they’re less resistant and more curious to find out more. Which means more clicks, shares, likes, leads and happy customers for you from your traffic videos .

I hope you start using the 7 Second Hook Formula at the beginning of your traffic videos as soon as possible! I’d love to know which tweak you think in the 7 Second Hook Formula is the most important, just comment below.


This 7 Second Hook Formula is only the first 7 seconds of your video. There are more elements that need to happen inside of your videos to create curiosity, develop an instant bond between you and your viewer and get your viewer to take action.

Here’s to Your 7-Second Success!

Cecelia Morris

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