How to Harness the Power Of Branding!!!

So you’ve read my blog on How To Build a Bad*ss Brand in 10 Simple Steps.

You implemented those steps but now what?…

Now you must position yourself as the expert and go-to authority in your field.  You need to create a powerful branding message.

3 Questions:

  1.  Who will you help ?
  2. What specifically will you help them with?
  3. How will you help them?

Determine your Who, What, and How

  1.  Hone in on a specific target market
  2. Uncover their Desires, Dreams, Fears, and Problems
  3. List potential solutions to help your target market achieve their dreams and desires while eliminating their fears and problems

Use Google Keywords and Goggle Trends to find out how popular your potential solutions are.  You can also use to get an aggregated view of the questions & therefore a hint of the motivations & emotions of the people behind each search query.

This is where you will have to do market research.

Develop your Brand Positioning Statement

I suggest you use the following format if you are new to this…

I help ____________ (target market) with _______________ (a problem of your target market) by ________________ (how you are going to deliver that solution).

For Example:

I help network marketers with their struggle to find leads outside of their warm market by showing them how to use the Internet and Social Media along with Attraction Marketing to generate unlimited leads.


I help new moms with their struggle to lose weight by offering meal planning advice, 15 minute exercise routines, and weight management products.

Putting It Together…

Following this format will help you become laser focused on Who your target market is, What you are going to do for them, and How you are going to do it.

For help on identifying your target market you need to read How To Connect with Your Most Profitable Audience.

I’ve learned about these amazing branding tips along with a lot of other great business building strategies by reading the Attraction Marketing eBook and you can too!

Until Next Time!

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Cecelia wanted to Take Charge of her own destiny so she incorporated herself as a business in 2003.  She knew that network marketing was the right business for her because it offered low startup costs, played to her strengths; and it is portable and highly profitable if done right. With each company she tried she always struggled with business building – finding leads/prospects and creating the automation her upline talked about.  That’s when in 2008 after getting laid off from her job she put her Masters Degree in Marketing and Information Systems to work. Through her search efforts she found a company that taught her how to leverage the Internet and the power of Social Media to consistently build an endless list of qualified leads and prospects that are interested in what she has to say and what she has to offer. She learned how to make people come to her using the Attraction Marketing Formula.  Now a home business owner Cecelia’s mission is to empower her customers, clients, members, partners and friends with the opportunity to Take Charge of their own lives and create their own financial futures.