How To Measure YOUR Success!

Are you successful? What defines success to you? Is it what people say about you, or what you think about yourself?  It seems that we are all in pursuit of what success, but what does it look like, feel like, and more importantly, when do you know you have it?

Does it look like material things or having a variety and choices?  Does it feel like power and influence over others while also being respected? Which group do you fall into?

Often, we define success by whatever we’ve accomplished. It gives you a sense of fulfillment to feel that we are above average. But to really know what success means we have to change how we perceive our place in this world and the life we live.

If you listen to your inner core, the trajectory of your life allows you to connect you with what your goal is in life. So what are your success goals? Take some time to ponder and answer this with integrity and truth for maybe the very first time in your life. When you find the answer, that will allow your life to be extraordinary because no one can duplicate what you can do and what you’ve focused on to represent YOU!

1. Determine what success represents for you.

Try to authentically understand what success means to you because if you are unsure or uncertain, there is a huge window of opportunity for others to label you as they wish and not as you would want. Help yourself by defining it through people you admire.  Quit judging yourself according to other people’s definitions of success. Decide what is most important in your life — perhaps it’s happy relationships, a successful career, or health and fitness. Then for each one, find a way to measure your progress that is meaningful to you.

2. Measure success by a state of mind, not by tangible items.

How have you handled stress or failure? Major setbacks can either be interpreted as a loss or as an opportunity to seek something new.  Starting over rather than ending up. What’s your approach?  You can have all the money in the world, the finest house in the neighborhood, and the most impressive job title, but it won’t mean a thing unless you are living the life you were meant to live. Find your calling in life. Listen to your heart. And aim for inner fulfillment, not external symbols of success.

3. Don’t let others dictate your success.

The only stress you should impose on yourself is the one that is within you, the one that is used to apply energy to whatever successful outcome you’re focused on. Lips of others be damned! They are not in your internal makeup and have no clue what the road to your success looks or feels like.

The only certainty there is, is that there is no end to achieving and attaining success. It is a yellow brick road of wonders, questions, people, situations, circumstances, choices and everything in between. They all present themselves at the right time for things to happen. It’s in God’s time, not our time.  How that success happens is a very personal expression of what you envision for yourself, and not through others expectations.

4. Focus on doing a little bit more everyday.

It’s important to set goals, but once you know where you’re heading, it’s time to turn your focus to each step of the journey. If you commit yourself to doing and giving just a little bit more than you were willing to yesterday, you will bring yourself closer every day to your ultimate goal of success.

5. Pay it forward. 

Knowing that you have done your part to make the world a better place can bring the greatest sense of fulfillment of all. When you measure your success, ask yourself: have I made a difference to someone’s life? Do my efforts help to improve the world around me?  You true measure is not how much you make but how many people you help.

6. Be Resilient. 

No matter what your ultimate goal is or how you measure success, there will inevitably be roadblocks on your way. You will make mistakes, and things won’t always go the way you want them to. The difference between success and failure is whether you learn from those mistakes and move forward — or if you give up on your dreams.

For me, authentic happiness comes from a combination of happiness, passion, confidence, optimism and the pursuit of a lifestyle that gives me what I’ve always wanted: to be able to Take Charge of my own life.  I want to know that I am making a valuable difference in the lives of others, and to know who I am and what I stand for.

After all, don’t we all ultimately want to know that our life matters? Don’t we all want to know that we are living a life of significance and will leave a legacy in the world and with our families?

Decide on your own measures of success and commit to living them starting today!

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Cecelia wanted to Take Charge of her own destiny so she incorporated herself as a business in 2003.  She knew that network marketing was the right business for her because it offered low startup costs, played to her strengths; and it is portable and highly profitable if done right. With each company she tried she always struggled with business building – finding leads/prospects and creating the automation her upline talked about.  That’s when in 2008 after getting laid off from her job she put her Masters Degree in Marketing and Information Systems to work. Through her search efforts she found a company that taught her how to leverage the Internet and the power of Social Media to consistently build an endless list of qualified leads and prospects that are interested in what she has to say and what she has to offer. She learned how to make people come to her using the Attraction Marketing Formula.  Now a home business owner Cecelia’s mission is to empower her customers, clients, members, partners and friends with the opportunity to Take Charge of their own lives and create their own financial futures.