The 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success

Your business is a bit like Earth’s atmosphere.

Hear me out…

Imagine for a moment you’re piloting a commercial aircraft (don’t worry…you’ve got your license and put in your training hours).

Now, takeoff is extremely demanding and a touch stressful. You’ve got to accelerate, be mindful of the wind, and raise the nose of the plane at just the right moment to break free from the tarmac.

Once you’re in the air, the ascent to cruising altitude can be a bit bumpy, as weather and turbulence are common in lower altitudes.

That all changes, though…

Once you’ve reached the stratosphere.

You see, there’s not a ton of water or oxygen in the stratosphere, which keeps it cool and reduces friction. This creates an ideal flying environment, optimizing fuel economy and flying speed.

Once you’re there, you’re all set.

You can flip on autopilot, and do whatever it is you do when the plane’s got your back and is practically running the show.

Now, Captain, think about how strikingly similar this is to business…

Getting your business off the ground is a real challenge…there are so many forces weighing you down and keeping you from gaining upward momentum.

Even when you’re picking up speed and finally have enough lift to start climbing higher, there will be various challenges pulling and pushing you left and right, making it difficult to keep everything balanced and on track.

But…once you’ve reached “cruising altitude,” things get MUCH easier.

You’ve got systems, technology, and people in place to handle all the mundane tasks. The route’s plotted, you’ve got everything dialed in, and you can just kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

That’s when you know you’ve reached a stratospheric level of success.

(…and are well on your way to astronomical success).

Sounds nice, right?

So, how do you get there? How do you achieve hands-off success, where your business is running itself and you can actually enjoy the freedom to peruse your passions, spend more time with your family, or even just relax and let things take care of themselves?

Well, just like pilots, who use extensive checklists to accomplish each and every flight…

In business there are recognized authorities who have already mapped out and charted the journey to the top.

You’ve heard that “success leaves clues?”

Well, allow me to introduce you to a runaway bestseller that teaches…

The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success


Written in 2007, The Go Giver, by Bob Burg and John D Mann, is a modern-day business parable in the lineage of the esteemed Who Moved My Cheese?

These 5 Laws are a bit like the principles of aerodynamics:

Ignoring them will keep your business on the ground, but if you know how to harness their power, your business will soar.

In The Go GiverJoe, our central character goes on a five day journey of meeting his mentor and other leaders to discover these five laws:

  1. The Law of Value.
  2. The Law of Compensation.
  3. The Law of Influence.
  4. The Law of Authenticity.
  5. The Law of Receptivity.

Listen to learn how to apply these laws to your business today:

And now read on to follow Joe’s odyssey…

Law #1: The Law of Value


“Our true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

Joe’s mentor takes him the first day to lunch at a posh Italian restaurant, with exquisite food. He meets an affable owner/chef, Ernesto, who started out as an immigrant with no money. Ernesto saved his money from odd jobs to purchase a street vendor license and buy a hot dog stand.

Ernesto gave such an extraordinary total experience to his customers that people came from all over for the experience more than just a hot dog. His hot dog stand was voted in a leading magazine as the #1 outdoor dining experience in the city.

By word of mouth, his hot dog stand attracted business leaders as regulars. The value experienced by these venture capitalists led to a partnership, the funding for his exceptional Italian restaurant, and later contacts for millions in real estate.

All from a hot dog stand.

So let me ask you: whether you’re in affiliate marketing, network marketing, or another online home business, ultimately you always want to make more sales to earn more income, right?

Well, yes…and no.

It’s a paradox that might sound strange: first you’ve got to forget the money.

If you want more money to come into your life, then focus on helping more people. Give more value than expected. Give more value than anyone else is giving.

Personal example: I work with Elite Marketing Pro, which already has tons of value in our training courses and programs. So what’s one thing that you could do, that would allow you to stand out and make a difference in people’s lives?

For me, it was time and caring. I had been a chef at Disney and left to start my own thing. With no job I didn’t have a steady income, but I did have time to learn and to help others. By teaching and sharing how to overcome the day to day struggle, I was able to give value, which allowed me to build an audience.

By investing in yourself and your education, you have more value to give.

Law #2: The Law of Compensation


“Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.”

Meet Nicole in The Go Giver. Her conference room looked like a children’s day care center with easels, paints, clay, paper, and crayons. Nicole turned her teaching skills into a platform to train business leaders by using messy children’s activities.

She taught them to tap into the creative learning that worked so well in her classroom. Then she partnered with a computer expert. They took her training beyond the office by creating an online program. This allowed her to scale up to reach millions of customers, while still giving exceptional value.

Nicole created leverage to increase her compensation. Because the more lives you touch, the more money you will make.

Personal example: Disney has mastered the art of individual attention, while creating magic on a massive scale.

The one thing driven into all of us employees was that you always create the magical experience. No matter how chaotic everything seemed around you, your guest was the single most important person in your life at that exact moment. No exceptions.

Law #3: The Law of Influence


“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.”

Our hero, Joe, is faced with losing a big account because he can’t deliver what they need. Faced with this failure, Joe finds himself calling an arch-rival who could serve that account better. To Joe’s surprise, that same rival called him later, asking for help on a huge project. Joe ultimately landed the biggest deal of his life, now in partnership with that rival, all from putting other’s needs first.

Think about how you can focus on helping your customers get what they really need, not just what you’re selling.

Find ways to connect people to other people and resources, whether or not those resources come from you.

Like throwing a pebble in a lake, you will create widening circles of influence.

Personal example: I noticed a post in the Facebook “Go Giver” group recently about a woman with a face painting business, who freely gave her services at a fund raiser event. She was delighted to see an unexpected notice about her services in a newspaper article about the event. So she wrote a thank you note to the reporter. That note resulted in a whole article promoting her and her small business, which is now thriving.

As you give more value, to more people who want what you offer, your success multiplies. Place their interests above your own. Value every lead. Treat everyone like a VIP. They’re someone special.

Law #4: The Law of Authenticity


“Instead of trying ineffectively to use all the selling techniques you’ve been taught, consider that the most valuable skill you have to offer is yourself, who YOU are. In other words, get real.”

Joe was sent to hear a speech by a famous real estate broker. She had been failing dismally as she slavishly followed all the selling techniques she’d been taught.

She was ready to give up. She needed to earn money and had not made a single sale in two years. She decided to keep her appointment with one last client. She had nothing to lose, so she let go all the rules, relaxed, got to know the client, had fun…and got the sale. Her career exploded after that. She stopped pretending to be someone other than herself. She got real.

People are less interested in the system, the training or even your company’s product or service, than their perception of what you bring to the table. How much more effective can you be by just being yourself?

People buy YOU first, and then your company, product, or service.

Stop trying to mimic a mentor. You’ve got to be true to yourself and share that. Ultimately you have to find your own voice. Being real will attract those people who will resonate with you, who connect with you.

Law #5: The Law of Receptivity


Joe was alone with his mentor on the last day. The mentor told him to breathe out, without taking a breath in. (Try it yourself…It’s impossible.)

“The key to effectively giving is to stay open to receiving.”

Joe had to find ways each day to implement the laws he was given one by one. On the last day he had to integrate those laws and really receive the assistance he’d been given.

Are you willing to be open and receptive to all the gifts in your life? Are you willing to accept abundance, to receive money? It might sound strange, but many people have negative emotions surrounding receiving compensation.

Many of us grew up hearing that “it is better to give than to receive,” which blocks the flow of giving if you aren’t also able to receive.

Be aware of what holds you back from receiving. Allow yourself to be open and willing to receive—for many, this is perhaps the most critical law to invite into your life.

In summary…

The Laws say to give more value; help as many people as possible on a giant scale get what they want; connect people to resources beyond what you have to help them; be real; and keep the flow open between giving and receiving, like breathing in and out.


From the top:

  1. The law of Value, give more than you take in payment.
  2. The law of Compensation, your income is determined by how many people you serve.
  3. The law of Influence, your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.
  4. The law of Authenticity, the most valuable gift you can offer is the gift of yourself.
  5. The law of Receptivity, the key to effectively giving is to stay open to receiving.

On a personal note, I highly recommend you read The Go Giver in it’s entirety (…and not just this post). It’s a great read. And quick. It’ll only take you a few hours, at most. You’ll also be rewarded by multiple readings, to fully absorb these laws as you’re implementing what they teach.

So what’s next?

Earlier I mentioned that these 5 Laws are a bit like the principles of aerodynamics: when properly harnessed, they will cause your business to soar.

Here’s the catch, though:

Just knowing these Laws isn’t enough.

After all, you can sit around all day and talk about the physics of lift and drag until you’re blue in the face, but until you’re sitting in the cockpit and applying full throttle, you’re not getting off the tarmac and on your way towards cruising altitude.

Right? Theory is one thing. Implementation is another. There’s knowing the path, and there’s walking the path.

Now, every industry is a little different…

Yet it’s universally true that your audience is what gives your business wings.

Think about it:

Without an audience, you can’t apply any of the 5 Laws

They ALL require an audience!

You cannot give value without an audience; you cannot serve and receive compensation without an audience; you cannot influence or place other’s interests first without an audience; you cannot be authentic without an audience to perceive your authenticity; and finally, you certainly cannot allow receptivity and abundance into your life without an audience to transact with.

Luckily we live in a day an age where our perfect audience is only a few clicks away.

It’s literally never been easier in all of human history to quickly build an ultra-targeted and responsive audience, looking for the exact questions your business answers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

Right now, at this very moment, there are literally millions of people telling Google, YouTube, Facebook, and all the other platforms that they’re desperately seeking answers for…

  • “how do I make money online?” – great for business opportunities
  • “holistic lower back pain relief” – great for chiropractors
  • “how to build a dog house?” – great for people selling carpentry info
  • “martial arts los angeles” – great for martial arts studios in L.A.
  • “kosher butcher Phoenix Arizona” – great for my cousin Jimmy

The trick is knowing how to efficiently leverage these platforms, so that you maximize your budget and only place your business in front of your most responsive, perfect audience.

Picture how far into the skies this will take you.

Ready to discover our exact process?

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To your success…
Cecelia Morris
CEO at Taking Charge Inc.



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