The 7 Laws of Influence

Knowing these 7 Laws are crucial to your business.  It can mean he difference between making a sale or staying broke.  Using these laws will help you understand what motivates people to buy from you.

So lets get Started…

Law #1 ~ The Law of Connection

You need to connect with you prospects to get them to relate to you.  We buy from people we know, like and trust.  Tell a story.  Be vulnerable and authentic.  Connection trumps Credentials 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Law #2 ~ The Law of Desire

Share how you have overcome a problem and are living a better life.  The motivation and desire has to be better than the pain of purchase.  Paint a picture of the pain expressed by your prospect and then illustrate how your solution can make things better.  Everyone wants to get their hands on the goose that lays golden eggs.

Law #3 ~ The Law of Social Proof

Share your results or if you don’t have any share the results of someone on your team or in your group.  You can also share case studies, testimonials, reviews, and statistics.

Here are the results of how I was able to increase my following on Facebook in 42 days using a system I learned…

Law #4 ~ The Law of Value

Give value to others without holding back.  Provide meaningful solutions that demonstrate value in advance.  You want to share and educate.  The question you should ask are…

  • Is what I’m giving valuable for the money?
  • Is it worth what it’s going to cost?

The answer should always, always, always be tilted towards the prospect.

Law #5 ~ The Law of Consistency

You must be consistent in your message and your branding.  Help people say “Yes” to small commitments before asking for the big commitment.  Small repetitive Yes’s will lead to big Yes’s.  It get easier the more times you do it.  The micro commitments lead to the macro commitment.

Law #6 ~ The Law of Reciprocity

This happens when you give away stuff for free.  The 4 free things I am giving away now are 7 Steps To Online Branding, 10 Steps to Building Your Bad*ss Brand, The Power of Your Why, and How to Turn a $1 Investment into $1K paydays.

In return for getting any one, or all 4 of these downloads I get my prospects email address.

Law #7 ~ The Law of Scarcity

People are enticed by limited time offers, limited quantity offers, and one time offers.  If you can provide a bonus to make your prospects take action NOW.  They are more like to bite at your carrot.


None of these laws can be used individually.  They work as a system and a group.  When you master these laws you should see an increase in getting your prospects to say YES to your product service or opportunity.

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Cecelia Morris



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Cecelia wanted to Take Charge of her own destiny so she incorporated herself as a business in 2003.  She knew that network marketing was the right business for her because it offered low startup costs, played to her strengths; and it is portable and highly profitable if done right. With each company she tried she always struggled with business building – finding leads/prospects and creating the automation her upline talked about.  That’s when in 2008 after getting laid off from her job she put her Masters Degree in Marketing and Information Systems to work. Through her search efforts she found a company that taught her how to leverage the Internet and the power of Social Media to consistently build an endless list of qualified leads and prospects that are interested in what she has to say and what she has to offer. She learned how to make people come to her using the Attraction Marketing Formula.  Now a home business owner Cecelia’s mission is to empower her customers, clients, members, partners and friends with the opportunity to Take Charge of their own lives and create their own financial futures.