The ONE Thing To Grow Your Business Fast – AUTHORITY!

Here’s a million dollar secret that I’ve never shared with you before…

There is ONE thing that will grow your business fast above ALL other things. 

This one thing is often overshadowed by other aspects such as:

  • Traffic
  • Closing skills
  • An email subscriber list

However, this ONE thing beats out those other things every time!

In fact, this ONE thing is SO powerful that when you have it…

You’ll be able to get inside your prospect’s mind and influence them to buy your product or service right now!

What is this ONE thing?


Don’t believe me?

Keep reading and I’ll prove it to you.

Authority: The ONE Thing To Grow Your Business Fast!

If  you want to grow your business fast you’ll need to be perceived as an authority.

So to understand this better… let’s look at the definition of the word “authority”.

Merriam-Webster defines “authority” as…

  • The power to give orders or make decisions : the power or right to direct or control someone or something

  • The confident quality of someone who knows a lot about something or who is respected or obeyed by other people

  • A quality that makes something seem true or real

This definition makes perfect sense.

However, my only gripe – as it applies to business – is I’d like to remove “the power to control” and the part about obeying.

I’m not trying to control anyone or get them to obey me (this makes me feel like I’m training my dog).

However, in business (especially in sales & marketing) we are looking to influence people and get them to make a decision.

This happens all day long –  from the laundry detergent commercial you saw on tv… all the way up to an ad on Facebook promoting a new marketing course.

So I think we can agree that when done in an ethical and positive way…

Having authority in business is crucial IF you want to:

  1. Influence your target audience
  2. Get them to say “YES” to your offer

Wouldn’t you agree?

How To Become An Authority When You’re Starting Out

I remember when I first started out in the home based business industry.

My only goal at that time was to get results.

I wasn’t concerned with creating content or sharing my knowledge or experience.

But after a while, I realized that I could help more people if I shared how I was getting my results.

After I found that a particular strategy had been working for me… I would create a video to share what I was doing and why it worked.

The more videos I made the larger my audience became and their comments and feedback fueled me to make more videos.

Grow Your business fast

But here’s the deal…

I never set out to become known as “The Authority on Selling” or “The Authority on Content Creation”.

I just documented what was working for me to help anyone else who was interested in the same stuff.

The audience and the authority grew organically because as it turns out…

There are a lot of people who were interested in learning from my experiences.

So if you’re relatively new or inexperienced right now you might be thinking…

“How am I going to become an authority?”

It’s simple.

Start answering your own questions.

Right now I want you to think of your top 3 high stakes questions that you’re currently struggling with.

Next, I want you to pick 1 of them.

Okay… do you have that question picked out?


Now go do a little research… maybe get a course or watch a webinar about it… and find the answer to your question.

Once you’ve found the answer to your question I want you to create a piece of content about it.

It could be a short video, a blog post, or even a detailed Facebook status update.

Once you’ve answered your first question and you can show some results, then you’re ready to move on to your next question.

As you produce more content your audience will grow and they will consider YOU to be the authority on those topics.

Be Perceived As The Authority To Grow Your Business Fast

About 4 months ago I found Elite Marketing Pro, in my opinion the authority on training me to become my own authority.  Since joining the team I have created Facebook fan page and posted over 50 blog posts.  One of which you are reading right now. 

Simply put, Elite Marketing Pro and their training system is hands down the best way for you separate yourself from the “marketing pack” and gain instant authority status in the eyes of your prospects.

Let me reveal to you how it works:

Being part of Elite Marketing Pro allows you to…

Create a platform that would allow new or intermediate marketers to have the same kind of clout, leverage, and influence that the top marketers have.

You see, if you’re a relatively new or inexperienced marketer…
Grow your business fast

… it’s unlikely you’ll get noticed by your target audience when promoting your business.

Even if you’re not a new or inexperienced marketer, it’s extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd unless you’ve created lots of good content and have a big online presence.

In short, creating lots of good content and having a big online brand gives you an authoritative presence. 

But without an authoritative presence, your Facebook status updates and occasional blog posts or videos will be lost in a sea of content that 99% of your audience will never see or pay attention to.

Real Examples Of How Authority Helps People Grow Their Business

Check out these images below to see how some of our partners are leveraging the authority of the Elite Marketing Pro system to build their brand and their businesses. 

Here’s what Milva has to say:

Becoming VIP member at EMP has been the best decision I made in 2016: the best training, the coaches, tangible results, new friends, and connecting with people that finally understands and share my same problems and desires, who are looking to learn REAL SKILLS (because motivation alone is not a skill and those commissions…while I’m learning! I am grateful and can’t wait to build an incredible business in 2017!
Have an amazing new year EMP community!

And this is Robert’s story:

My First 32 Days of Advertising. Finally, something that works just as promised. No hype, just Great Training! Thanks to Elite Marketing Pro, from all my different Coaches, Mentors and staff!

These are just a couple of great examples of how our affiliates are leveraging Elite Marketing Pro right now to become authorities in the eyes of their audience.   

Look, they found that ONE thing that will grow their business fast… authority!

Like I said before being perceived as an authority is critical if you want to:

  • Attract your ideal audience
  • Influence your target audience
  • Get them to say “YES” to your offer

The good news is… our Elite Marketing Pro partners have gone from previously struggling in the home based business industry to…

… earning life changing commissions by leveraging the power of authority.

We’ve made team duplication as simple as humanly possible for new affiliates when bringing in new members through the Online Profit Team.

Here’s a glimpse of the perks our partners are benefiting from because they made the decision to join Elite Marketing Pro:

  1.      Pre-created, high converting content that you can immediately share: positions you as an authority and attracts people to you!
  2.      The latest cutting edge Facebook marketing strategies that show you how to promote your new content or your offer (all without getting thrown in Facebook jail)
  3.      Professionally created, high performing, lead magnets: build your email subscriber list without the hassle of figuring this out on your own. 
  4.      An expertly written email follow-up autoresponder to follow up with your new leads on autopilot (you don’t have to spend years learning fancy copywriting skills)

But more importantly, when you join the Elite Marketing Pro you’ll get instant authority status in the eyes of your audience without spending years trying to create an online presence!

With your new found “authority status” your prospects can’t help but want to reach out to you to learn more about working with you in your business.

So if you’re tired of losing potential prospects to all of the “big dog” marketers and you’re looking for instant authority status to help you grow your business fast then you need to check out the Elite Marketing Pro today!

Final Thoughts On Authority

So as you can see, as soon as you’re able to provide valuable content to your audience you’ll be perceived as an authority on a certain topic.

Once your prospects perceive you to be an authoritative voice the game will change for you entirely.

  • They’ll look to you for guidance
  • They’ll listen to your recommendations
  • They’ll consider you a trusted resource

All of this leads to your audience wanting to follow you, learn from you more, and become curious about any courses or offers that you have which could help them.

This is why is it so important for you to enhance your skill set and start providing valuable content to your audience.

Wishing you the best!

Cecelia Morris

P.S., If you got value from this article then please comment below and share this article with your team and your audience.

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