The Truth Behind Paid vs. Free Marketing

You may have heard a lot talk about utilizing paid vs. free marketing strategies when building your business online. 

Well in today’s article and video we will break down the differences between paid vs. free marketing, uncover some of the myths and discuss why it is so important to incorporate paid marketing strategies into your online business.

Paid vs. Free Marketing

When considering paid vs. free marketing strategies you need consider the following:

1.) With online paid marketing strategies you have the ability to within 24-48 hours decipher whether or not you’re paid ad is converting well or not.

2.) With online paid marketing strategies you have the ability to tweak and revise your ad, ad copy, targeting, etc, instantly to optimize your ad to get better results.

3.) With paid advertising you’re able to scale your marketing efforts once you’ve honed in on an ad that is working for you.

However, with free or organic marketing you’re not able to do this. You will simply have to continue to grind away, day after day, with no ability to scale your business.

4.) With paid advertising you can conduct more leveraged activities that will enable you to build your business faster and give you more free time to do other things.

So if you’re wondering about paid vs. free marketing strategies it is our strong suggestion that you start by learning some basic paid marketing strategies to help you to build your business.

You can start by clicking here to get my Free 10-Day Bootcamp.  It will give you the background and foundation you need to get started on your journey.

And always remember, You Get What You Pay For.

Till Next Time,

Cecelia Morris

P.S, After reading this article which way are you going to go with your advertising?  Leave a comment telling us and include your “why”!  I’d love to hear from you!

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