Top 10 Ways to Build and Keep A Positive Attitude

By Brenda Williams

Attitude can affect how we feel and how others respond to us. A positive attitude can impact our physical health and emotional well-being, make hard things easier and easy things more fun. This is not to say that a positive attitude is a magic potion that will ward off any problems, but an optimistic outlook helps people work through the rough times with a belief in themselves and trust in the ultimate good. Try these ten suggestions for building and maintaining a positive attitude.

  1. Associate with positive people.
  1. Take some action every day toward accomplishing a goal.
  1. Eat fresh, healthy food; exercise your body and your mind.
  1. Make a gratitude list.
  1. Do something kind for someone or the planet.
  1. Notice something beautiful every day.
  1. Turn off bad news—radio, television, newspaper.
  1. Look for what’s right instead of what’s wrong.
  1. Celebrate the ordinary things.
  1. For every no, say five yeses.

And one bonus suggestion: Remember to laugh.

Stay Positive My Friends!

Cecelia Morris

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