Why It’s Better To Attract Prospects Instead Of Chasing Them

I have been in network marketing for more then 10 years now and when I started I had big goals, motivation and enthusiasm…

All I wanted was to fire my boss and to have more time for the things that were important for me: family, traveling and of course a savings and income that sustained me without going to a J-O-B everyday.

I called all my friends, family, past co-workers, acquaintances, everybody I could think of that I had a 2 minute conversation with until I finished my list.

I had good results for a while until I added another company…and my team decided not to build another team with me.  They even decided not to continue with the current company just because I was no longer actively recruiting for them.

I had the same problem with the next company, and the next, and the next…Sound familiar?

So with desperation I started prospecting online and offline, nothing seemed to work, I was buying all kinds of courses, books, going to way to many seminars, nothing was working for me…

But I was confident that in the end I would have success … so I put more time and more money in my business…

I was prospecting offline and online, buying lead lists, cold calling 30-40 people per day and trying to talk to anyone that gave me eye contact.  I was not getting any real momentum.

I did not have the time and energy to continue meeting  people from the cold market, gain their trust and make them to see my opportunity.  Plus I was responsible for the care of my 2 elderly parents in nursing homes in two different states…

I was ready to give up but I knew I could not be a paycheck slave forever.

And with the last resources of faith I could summon I started to  search all over the internet “how to build your network marketing business online without having to leave your home”.

As a matter of fact in my heart all I wanted was guidance, I was hoping to find a mentor to show me what I should do step by step in order to make money with my business without continuing to waste my time and everybody feel pity for me.

And God heard my pray and sent me the right community with the right mentors and coaches (Elite Marketing Pro).

I saw an add about how a guy recruited over 1732 people in one month, into his MLM, all via this one simple strategy, attraction marketing.

He made some bold promises, that once I understood this concept, I would never have to chase people again. I would never have to call a lead again and people would be knocking on my door to join me in my business.

I couldn’t believe a word, but I wasn’t in the position of not checking the information.

To this day, I am thankful for my curiosity and desire to keep going.

I stayed up all night studying what attraction marketing was and is today from a ebook that I had bought for ONLY $47.  It was the best $47 spent in the last 5 years.

After reading the book, I discovered that behind this information is a community with network marketers and internet marketers and also that I have 3 FREE coaching calls that will help me to implement this concept into my business.

So I established  my free first call with skepticism and with big hopes at the same time…I was nervous and apprehensive.

Everything was new and overwhelming for me: how to create a fan page on Facebook and why I should have one, how to start generate traffic on the internet in order to generate leads (prospects), blogging, how to attract instead of prospect, lots of new concepts and terms, etc…

But Elite Marketing Pro has courses, articles, tutorials and technical guidance step by step so I managed to generate my first leads (prospects) online without even having to talk to them …

Now before I explain how this works for me, I just want to share with you what ‘attraction marketing’ is NOT!

Attraction marketing is not spamming people on social media with private messages and posting your sign up link on people’s News Feed. I did it, it’s a spam and if you’re currently doing that, please STOP!

I can’t tell you how many folks in network marketing think they are doing ‘attraction marketing’ or Internet marketing, by sending dozens or hundreds of private messages to strangers per day.

No that’s not how this works!

In fact, ‘attraction marketing’ is a completely passive activity where people actually send YOU their contact information, so they can learn more about your product or opportunity.attraction marketing

In some cases, it’s your opportunity and in other cases, it’s a product.

But here’s the deal, just because someone shows an interest in your business, doesn’t mean you’re going to sponsor them or want to sponsor them. It means that they need to demonstrate that they are a good fit your business and this is done using something we call in the online world a ‘funnel.’

A ‘funnel’ consists of a series of short steps, which when done correctly is designed to replace the 1-on-1 interaction you would normally have with a prospect to qualify them.

The problem with doing it offline is that, if you are ‘qualifying’ people, you better be a person who can command a certain level of respect.

If you are already a great leader, who is confident, well spoken and successful in life, you’re off to a great start and will likely have good success.


If You are Broke, Shy & Scared… You’re Pretty Much Screwed Building Offline

Online, it’s a whole different situation because when a prospect requests information from you about a product or opportunity, you already have posture. They came to you and have already told you they are interested in what you have.

Heck, they are probably super impressed by the fact that they found you online and probably want to know how you did it too!

I generate hundreds of prospects every month for my business, yet only a fraction of them qualify to be leaders in my business.

The majority actually become my customers, which is awesome, because they pay for my ad costs and overhead.

So the reasons I use Attraction Marketing instead of actively chasing prospects are:

  • through Attraction Marketing you provide value, education and by doing this people will start knowing you, trusting you, liking you and you will never have to chase them anymore. They will follow you and buy from you without having to pitch anything to anyone.
  • is a passively activity, you generate hundreds, thousands of prospects without sending them even one message or making any call.
  • you don’t waste time, energy and money with persons that are not interested in what you have to offer
  • with active prospecting you send one message at a time, with attraction marketing you can touch thousands of people all over the world with only one click
  • no rejections
  • no late night meetings
  • you earn money even though they join your business or not

If you want a breakdown on how you can setup your own ‘attraction marketing funnel,’ I put together a free 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, which you can access right here.

More and more top earners are taking advantage of ‘attraction marketing.

Many top networkers already have a massive online presence.

And you know how the saying goes…

“If you want something, find someone who has what you want, do what they do and you’ll get what they got”.

Cheers to  Your Success

Cecelia Morris

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